What we did

About the project

One of the first nomino.me projects was coming up with a name and creating a visual identity for a postmodern building at Jogaila street 9A in Vilnius. “Jogaila” now represents a modern office space project situated in the vibrant heart of the city.


Following an extensive search for the ideal name for a contemporary office space project, the final decision was largely influenced by the street where the building is situated. Consequently, the name “Jogaila” was selected.


Once the name was established, in the search for a visual identity, we wanted to find a synergy between the interior style of the building and its positioning. In order to maintain the positioning of “Jogaila” as a bold, authentic, and modern art-filled former bank office space, the visual identity was developed.

To portray this, we created a logo with a robust and clear font that conveys the idea of a stable, reliable, and bold modern office. The cube, which is a graphic element next to the letter “J”, symbolizes the connection between the different businesses that unite the business centre.

The final result a techno-infused and modern “Jogaila”.

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