What we did

About the project

Minds&Finds is a company offering recruitment services specializing in placing candidates for important entry, middle, and C-level management positions across various functions and business sectors.


The selection of the company’s name, Minds&Finds, was a deliberate strategic choice. The company specializes in executive search, encompassing headhunting and talent recruitment. In this context, “Minds” embodies the concept of talents, while “Finds” encapsulates the active pursuit and discovery of these talents. 


The logo of Minds&Finds mirrors the company’s contemporary approach, professional solutions, and ability to remain simple and down-to-earth. 

To portray the developed visual identity, we created a logo with two contrasting fonts – Sans Serif and Decorative – to achieve a harmonious balance through their interplay. These fonts exude distinct moods, but their interaction forms a perfect union.

Graphical elements integrated into the brand’s style present Minds&Finds offered solutions. These elements resemble a controlled sea of points. The fluid, fluctuating figure, composed of individual circles, serves as an allegory for the diversity of talents, individuals, and connections that surround us.

The living figures, constructed from countless tiny dots, can also serve as a representation of the company’s positive thoughts – bright minds. They exhibit dynamic, unpredictable movements, yet when they materialize, they bring delightful results.


The development of the Minds&Finds website was a meticulous and strategic process aimed at reflecting the company’s core values, contemporary approach, and professionalism. As a result, a concise, representative, single-page website was developed, featuring four essential blocks – Services, Workflow, About, Contacts. The website was developed with external partner Živilė Subačienė.

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