Magnetic brand names with a meaning that lasts.


Nomino is on a mission to create the first impression that lasts. We will name your business in a way that has a relevant meaning and helps your business to stand out from the crowd.


Naming services

Quick fix

Once a business idea strikes you, there is no time to wait and you need a naming solution here and now.

We can fix your naming problem within 72 hours:

Hearing you out and learning more about your project during 30 mins discovery session;

Proposing 3-4 naming solutions (that are available for registry in your country of choice) for your project within 72 hours. Solutions include brief explanations of their meanings.

Price and details: inquire

Brainy choice​

While we enjoy quickly fixing your naming problems, we also love having more time to think about the best naming solutions.

We can provide you with the carefully thought out solutions in 14 days by:

Hearing you out and learning more about your project during 45 mins discovery session;

Investigating and understanding the competitive landscape in the country of choice;

Mapping out your project’s positioning with regards to its identity and target audience;

Proposing 5-7 naming solutions with in-depth explanations of their meanings and slogans for your project.

Price and details: inquire

What our clients say

Eglė Šenderovienė
Eglė ŠenderovienėFounder, Brand You Photo
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“The speed and quality of ideas that these people have is incredible. In a few days they came up with a simple, yet such a meaningful name that truly reflects the essence of my business. I wouldn't have thought of such a solution myself. Forever grateful!”
Marija Vilčiauskaitė
Marija VilčiauskaitėFounder, M_Connectus
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"Throughout the process I was fascinated with the team’s professionalism and excellent knowledge of their field, the ability to listen to the client’s needs, delve into the business model. The original suggestions and creativity, the ability to communicate and organize work smoothly made the experience great."


Ready to create an impression that lasts?

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